Ticket prices: Adults £6.50 / Children & Students £4.50. Special event ticket prices may vary. All tickets must be purchased online. 

Cancellation / Exchange of Tickets

Purchased tickets can be cancelled up to two hours prior to the start of a screening. Customers have a choice of a refund, less the booking fee, or an exchange of the tickets for a film on the current booking list as shown on The Film Place website.

The cancellation or exchange request must be made via the Contact Form link on your booking confirmation email, using the ‘Contact an event organiser’ box and not by emailing The Film Place.

If you wish to exchange your tickets, please state the title of your alternative film choice together with the date the film is being shown at The Film Place. It is not possible to guarantee the same seats on a ticket exchange, but we will endeavour to select ones as near as possible to your original choice.

Refund cancellations may take a day or two to process and as stated will be minus the appropriate booking fee, currently 51p for a full price ticket or 35p for a child/student ticket.

Can’t find the film you’re looking for?

Films will be deleted from the booking list once all tickets have been sold. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

All data collected is encrypted and professionally managed by our webmaster. There is no third party access to the data and use is strictly limited to the management of Film Place reservations.


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